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Time vs money


All day we follow duties. Whether it’s at work or at home. But who’s forcing us to? Actually, nobody, right? Then why are we doing it? Why do a job you don’t like doing? Why do we follow rules, times, trends blindly and automatically? Actually, it’s only because we don’t have time to rethink our situation. We were taught to go to work in order to live. That you have to work your way up to earn more. You have to become “someone“. “Someone” for who? More money for what? Isn’t the most important thing in life, the time you have? Aren’t we complaining we don’t have enough time every day? Too little time for things you love, that satisfy you, that makes you forget time.

Time and money. Both are important. But what would you choose if it were your last day in this world? More time or more money? AHA!!! Question answered  -:).

The passing of days is the passing of our lives. Sounds dramatic, but it is! Why “waste” valuable time? Why does someone else have to decide for us every day what, when and how we have something to do? We have often asked ourselves all these questions over the last few years. The constant waiting for the end of the day, for the weekend, for the holidays…It is a pity to look forward only to the weekend or the holidays. What about the other days of the week? Happiness is to get up every single day and think “Yeah, I’m looking forward to this day” and not “when is Friday at last”.

The money you need is relative. Relative to lifestyle. If I consume a lot, I need a lot of money. If I consume little, I need less money and could either work less and devote more time to my passions or do a job that may not be so lucrative, but you can’t call it work because it’s hell of a lot of fun.

During a few free minutes, we calculated how the hours of a 100% employee are divided:

5 weekdays have 120 hours, of which we sleep 40 hours (8 hours on average).

Of the 80 hours we are awake, we work at least 42 hours. Add up the journey to work (1-1.5 hours) and we still have about 30 hours left in the working week that we have for “ourselves”. During this time we have to shop, clean, wash, cook, iron, etc… So the week consists mainly of duties. A hamster wheel that has to run so we can pay for everything so we don’t sink in the dirt. Imagine if we wouldn’t do the tasks listed above for a week….Then we would have more time, but a chaos. Unfortunately, not a single hour can be worked on the working hours.

We do not want our lives to pass us by in this way. We don’t want us to be too tired of the 30 hours of “free time” that we spend during the week to enjoy our partner or to call our mother or dedicate to our sport. Here are only 3 things listed that are influenced by this life. Relationships, personal well-being (especially in the mind), fitness and health. But we could list many more.

We want to live here and now, according to our rhythm, passions and needs. We want to go to bed satisfied and can’t wait to get up the next day. Sounds like a dream? Yes, but luckily dreams can come true!

Here we would like to show you a short film by Steve Cutts that gets to the point:

Happiness from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.