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Who are we?


We don’t know exactly who we are, because together we count 4 different nationalities. Aaron’s relaxed african touch perfectly balances my chaotic Italian temperament. Our German-Swiss side, on the other hand, gives us structure and down-to-earthness to our dreams and thirst for adventure.

We both love travelling, especially to warm countries. Our routes mostly lead along the coasts, where we admire nature and never get enough of the colours. We prefer to discover places on our own and thanks to our open mind we get to know new cultures, which we take back as precious souvenirs.

Aaron has an extraordinary passion for animals, especially for birds and reptiles. He sees in every human being an animal. He thinks I’m like a raccoon because of my curiosity and my nibbling habits. He compares himself to a turtle that takes a leisurely approach to life.

I’m a real water rat, again we’re back to animals. I love the beach and the sea and everything that happens on and in the water. I can never get enough of the sunset colours. The simple things make me the happiest, like a cozy dinner with family and friends. Well, also a new pair of shoes 🙂

Aaron and I agree: We want more of life… more travel, more time with the people we like best and activities that make us happy. Since this is not possible in an employed relationship, we had to quit our jobs and had to reinvent ourselves and have discovered a new perspective on life. Here we will tell you exactly what moves us, how we prepared this trip and which countries we will visit.


Our motto: Travel as much as you want, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life is not meant to be lived in one place. Life is more….


Don’t waste your time waiting, listen to your instincts and grab the courage and backpack and enjoy life. Have the guts to make a difference. We hope to inspire you a little.

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