Less is more


How can you afford to travel 7 months, not earn money during this time and bear the running costs at home?

Let’s take us as an example. Normal earners, who have given up little in everyday life before the travel project and who generally do well. We don’t want to spend the whole month’s wage every month, which is not so easy if you want to keep up. So saving was always only possible to a limited extent, or we saw no reason without a goal.

When it was clear that we want to travel so long, we suddenly saw everything differently. Material things began to have a completely different value: old things do not always have to be replaced immediately, broken things can be repaired, the wardrobe does not have to be fed every month, buying unnecessary things is not necessary, as the word already says. At the beginning it is difficult to “do without”. It’s just a habit.

After selling many of our things that we no longer needed, we got a taste for minimalism. It’s a liberating feeling. The head feels light, content and orderly. The essentials come to light. At that moment you realize that material things don’t make you happy. Abundance stresses and makes you addicted to more. The more you have, the more you want and the dissatisfaction remains.

In the end, you only need as much money as you consume. The less we consume, the less money we need. Then you can either work less (to devote yourself to what is important to you) or work immediately and save the money e.g. for travelling.

To do without things is no longer a problem for us, it has even turned out to be beneficial for the soul. It is more difficult to do without social occasions, such as eating out, going to the cinema and other leisure activities. In our full-time job having dinner in a restaurant is a reward of the day or an opportunity to spend time with friends. So instead we invited often friends to us at home. We also spent much more time in nature in our free time. There are so many beautiful places to explore on foot, by bike or on rollerblades. Monday feels much more relaxed when you spend the weekend on green meadows or mountain lakes instead of pushing through the crowded corridors of Ikea.

You also become creative and inventive. For example, we needed a dining table for the terrace. But what a big expense when our top priority is travel. So we painted an old wooden table and four chairs in Shabby Chic style and voilà our terrace is now an eye-catcher. From now on we will do a lot more work ourselves, is more personal and fun.

Morality of the story: the travel budget is full, we have freed ourselves from unnecessary things and enriched ourselves with experiences in nature and great moments with friends.