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Failed Christmas in paradise


On the 1st day of Christmas we were driving our moped over the island Nusa Lembongan from one beach to the other and could not believe our luck to celebrate Christmas in such a paradise. In the fraction of a second, however, we were literally brought back to the ground. A bend, a bit of sand, a bit of gas and suddenly… we flew off the moped to the ground. Shocked we stood up and checked if everything was still there. Jenni had nothing but a tiny graze on her little finger. Aaron was bleeding on his shoulder, elbow, knee and the surface of his foot. He said everything was fine and we drove to our Guesthouse to disinfect the wound. After we inspected the wound closer, we realized that it was very deep and needed a medical attention. The helpful guesthouse staff drove us to the nearest medical center, which turned out to be the best decision, because the wound was so deep that there was a risk of infection and he had to take antibiotics. Aaron had to give up bathing for 2 weeks and treat the wound every 2 days. In the end we were happy that nothing worse happened and we hobbled back to the Guesthouse. All’s well that ends well, we thought…

Now 15 days have passed and Aaron still can’t walk. Meanwhile we bought crutches and went back to Bali to have an X-ray. The video gives you an idea of the challenging transfer by boat!






At this point we would like to mention the helpfulness of these people. We have never experienced anything like this in our whole lives. The people here give and give without demanding anything back.

A very special thank you goes to the hosts of the Seaweed Guesthouse on Nusa Lembongan. They treated us like their own family for two weeks and helped us as much as they could. Also on New Year’s Eve we were invited to eat with them. We grilled fish together and then we ate it with rice and their home-made balinese sambal sauce. It was a very nice evening.



They have made our stay really unique and we learned a lot from them as well as they learned from us. We have built a special relationship with Wayan and had the possibility to ask him some questions about his life. The answer to our last question, if he has a dream, really knocked us out. As soon as we find a place with a fast internet, we will upload the video with the interview.

After arriving at the new accommodation (Villa Arindra) in Jimbaran, Aaron even got a big fruit basket with a “Get well soon card” from the host and also the people here offered their help or balinese healing (which we have not yet accepted).


Now we wait for the results of the x-rays and keep you up to date. As long as we try to make the best of the forced break…









Jenni & Aaron