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Life is more …

Let’s go!

Our adventure started on the 10th October, 2018! For seven months we are traveling through Southeast Asia and South Africa.

Crazy? Maybe, but it feels amazing.

7 months without any times, obligations or rules to follow. Just live. Let yourself drift by a pure feeling. Yeah!

The first one-way ticket to Bangkok has been booked already. And from there? We don’t know yet! ? Sometimes the best plan is not having a plan.

Life is more…

Travelino’s motto is “Life is more”, which came ouf of the need to experience more in life. Try to change something instead of complaining about everyday life. Have the courage to free yourself from your daily do`s and all your possessions just in order to seek a dream. It`s time to risk going another way. Your own one!

We simply could no longer suppress our desire to travel. The wanderlust was too strong. So why not go? No money? No time? What about the job? What about the apartment? We have been dealing with all these “problems” in recent months and are now expressing them here:


  1. Everything is possible if you really want it
  2. You can always change something
  3. We are free to decide

Let’s see what we’ll do with our 7-month freedom. What are we gonna do with all this free time? We are curious about that ourselves and will report it here.

Finally we will be able to follow our own needs. These have always been outsourced in recent years. Therefore, it will certainly be a journey within ourselves. Besides the beautiful places of the world, we will also get to know and invent ourselves new, learn and try out many new things. This journey will stimulate  the other half of the brain, and bring out creativity. Here we want to report the first outputs 🙂

Follow us and let us inspire you. Ask us questions or give us suggestions. Or just write to say hello! We are happy to hear from you.

Jenni & Aaron

Your Message


We don’t know exactly who we are, because together we count 4 different nationalities. Aaron’s (easy going) (relaxed) (serene) african touch perfectly balances my chaotic Italian temperament. Our German-Swiss side, on the other hand, gives us structure and down-to-earthness to our dreams and thirst for adventure... read more
...till our adventure will start.
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